Bloomington Precision Manufacturer Rebrands

BLOOMINGTON – A Monroe County manufacturer that produces parts for the biggest names in the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries says it is broadening its scope. As part of the effort, Bloomington-based MSP Aviation is rebranding to MSP Manufacturing. The company says the change better reflects its expertise and capabilities.

MSP says it now operates seven divisions, serving aviation, armory, automotive, military, medical, and sanitation.

In April 2020, the company responded to the growing pandemic by shifting part of its production capabilities to personal protective equipment. MSP started manufacturing and distributing face shields.

For nearly 80 years, the company has designed and manufactured precision products for the avionics, aerospace and military defense industries.

In addition to the rebranding and expansion efforts, MSP Manufacturing has named Johnny Goode vice president. The company says he will eventually replace his father, John Goode, who serves as president and chief executive officer.

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