Pivoting Operations to Protect Hoosier Healthcare Heroes

Bloomington (April 20, 2020) — A Central Indiana company known for manufacturing parts for the nation’s defense industry is pivoting their production line to protect healthcare heroes on the frontlines of an invisible enemy — COVID-19.

MSP Aviation, based in Bloomington, Indiana, is preparing to manufacture and distribute face shields that were designed by doctors and nurses to meet their specific requirements.  Distribution starts this week, with manufacturing from their Bloomington facility starting on Monday, April 20th.

“I can’t stand by and do nothing while our medical community is desperate for protection,” MSP Aviation President and CEO John Goode said. “We are re-tooling our shop floor that usually produces parts for the airline and the aerospace industries to support and protect medical professionals as they help patients with COVID-19.”

MSP Aviation will be taking orders and distributing the face masks beginning the week of April 20th.

For more information, or to schedule interview opportunities with John Goode, please contact Kylee Kendall at (317) 519-3790 or kylee@thecaway.com.