Riveting Machines

Riveting machines are used in a variety of applications, including brake linings for commercial vehicles, aircraft, metal brackets, windows, latches, leather products, and mobile phones. Different types of materials can be riveted, including those that may be delicate of sensitive electronically.

Automatic riveting process has automatically feeding hoppers and tracks, eliminating the need to manually operate the positioning. This both reduces costs and increases quality of the riveting. There are two categories of riveting machines . . . impact riveting machines and orbital riveting machines.

Impact riveting machines drive rivets downwards, through the materials and into a roll-set tool, causing the rivet to flare and subsequently joining the materials.

Orbital riveting machines offer more manual control, yet take longer to complete. The orbital process includes a forming tool which spins and lowers into the rivet, spreading it into its desired shape.

MSP Aviation is more than the premier manufacturing company for avionics mounts and clamps . . . we offer manufacturing services for hire, including drilling, tapping, and orbital riveting services for custom metal stamped components. We drill and turn parts for reverse engineering of old/existing assembly fixtures as well as components.