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MSP has manufactured precision machined products for the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Industries, and has developed a worldwide leading reputation for excellence, with virtually all corporate, commercial, general and military aircraft containing our components.

Now, we’re proud to announce our recent expansion into other industries, including Medical, Automotive and Sanitation.

Recent News

Bloomington Precision Manufacturer Rebrands

BLOOMINGTON – A Monroe County manufacturer that produces parts for the biggest names in the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries says it is broadening its scope. As part of the effort, Bloomington-based MSP Aviation is rebranding to MSP Manufacturing.

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Hoosier Companies Awarded Military Contracts

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded contracts worth up to $35 million to seven companies, more than half of which are located in Indiana. The contracts call for the production of machined parts or composite components related to a variety of military aircraft.

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We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into six new divisions, bringing the same precision and quality we’ve been known for since 1943.

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