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We’re celebrating 20 years of operations at our Bloomington location! We’re proud to provide unmatched, high-precision parts for commercial, general and military aircraft.

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Industry-leading reputation for excellence

Expectations are always high when producing components that meet the aircraft needs of our nation. With over 75 years of experience and an impressive range of manufacturing capabilities, MSP is known throughout the global avionics market as a premier provider of avionics mounts and other components. Our products can be found in virtually every commercial, general and military aircraft.  

We continually push the limits of precision manufacturing with our wide range of sheet metal and machined components for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Combining our capabilities with our highly skilled team of manufacturing and engineering professionals, world-class facility and advanced machinery, we bring a new standard of excellence to the industry.

Our track record of consistently producing high quality products, meeting customer goals and objectives and constantly improving and bettering our technology makes us a trusted, reliable partner. Since 1943, we’ve been developing our worldwide leading reputation for excellence by providing components for virtually all major commercial and military aircraft. Our capabilities include manufacturing aerospace grade sheet avionic cases, boxes, enclosures, avionics cooling ducts, switch guards and precision machined components.

Tight tolerances and premium surface finishes are a standard requirement for all MSP Manufacturing projects. From short run prototypes to large quantity production runs, we can process your aviation parts to specification and provide you with a certificate of conformance.

Products the biggest names rely on

From mission-ready military aircraft to commercial fleets, we understand that the future of air travel relies on high quality products from trustworthy manufacturers. At MSP Manufacturing, we value quality and reliability by adhering to rigorous standards and processes. Our innovative products and full range of services are designed to improve aircraft without compromising their efficiency and performance. Whether you need your components stamped, ground or machined, our technical expertise and wide array of capabilities allow us to manufacture and service a vast number of products, including:

Our products are custom build-to-print, meaning your components and equipment are manufactured and processed according to your exact specifications. From development samples to full volume production, we have in-depth knowledge and the machine capacity necessary to meet your goals. We are continuously improving and investing in our capacities, equipment, technologies and people to better provide for those who rely on us. Whenever you’re ready for us, we’ll be ready for you.

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