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We’re celebrating 20 years of operations at our Bloomington location! We’re proud to be a trusted asset for delivering precise, high-grade and certified military and defense manufacturing needs.

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Expertise and technology to meet the highest, strictest standards.

MSP Manufacturing is a premier quality manufacturer of military aircraft products. We are a trusted source for high grade aircraft engine parts, military aviation parts and other spare parts components for a wide range of military grade planes. Since 1943, we’ve been developing our worldwide leading reputation for excellence, providing parts for virtually all major military aircraft. We are experienced with federal contracts, including being one of seven companies the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded contracts worth up to $35 million to in 2019. The contracts call for the production of machined parts or composite components related to a variety of military aircraft.

We’re one of the leading global aircraft parts suppliers and distributors of military aircraft products for the aircraft aftermarket. If you’re building airplanes and airplane parts for the military market, MSP is the aviation parts supplier you need!

Our dedication to timeliness, excellent service and high levels of value has cemented us as one of the most reliable military aircraft spare parts suppliers in the United States. We can provide a wide variety of valuable military aircraft parts that meet the most rigorous of standards to governmental air forces, armed forces and navies. When you work with our team, you can have confidence knowing we supply only the best quality parts and components to ensure your aircraft function flawlessly.

Handling your products with precision 

With over 20 years of experience handling precision manufacturing and distributing needs for a wide range of industries, we stand by our exceptional track record of always exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, value and time. We can fulfill any specific aviation parts needs; from short run prototypes to large quantity production runs, we can process your aviation parts to specification and provide you with a certificate of conformance.

We’re also proud to complete custom build-to-print orders, designing and creating the parts you need to your exact specifications. Our capabilities include manufacturing aerospace grade sheet metal cases, boxes, enclosures, avionics cooling ducts, switch guards and precision machined components. Tight tolerances and premium surface finishes are a standard requirement for all MSP Manufacturing projects, and we handle all orders with the quality and care that you expect and need.

Expanding our reach 

We do our part to keep military planes in the air so they can support the brave men and women fighting for our freedom domestically and overseas. As a military aircraft spare parts supplier and distributor, we can provide critical components to those who need them without sacrificing quality or reliability.

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded us with a contract of up to $35 million for work on the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane in southern Indiana. The contract is expected to be completed by April 2024, and we are honored to be able to provide the skills and precision needed to help serve our armed forces. 

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