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We partner with industry leaders to provide exceptional, effective cleaning and sanitizing equipment for your facility needs.

Industrial sanitation equipment for health & safety

Businesses function at their best when every employee is at their best. Regardless of industry, it is important to maintain strict hygiene policies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other pathogens that can create serious problems. Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing tools and equipment is essential for safe business practices. Sanitation cleaning equipment is in high demand across every industry, and it is important for all business owners to take advantage of innovative technology that can clean and sanitize any surface or object. 

MSP Manufacturing has innovative equipment cleaning and sanitizing solutions that will help keep surfaces and spaces clean and free of germs, bacteria and viruses. Our partnerships with UVC Lightforce® and Brief Relief® allow us to provide you with the best cleaning and sanitizing tools on the market to meet your sanitation equipment needs. 

UVC Lightforce®

Founded in Bloomington, Indiana, UVC Lightforce® is a mobile, self-contained, open-chamber germicidal cleaning device that helps to reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on environmental surfaces.

As an industry-leading, USA-made device, UVC Lightforce® is the best germicidal sterilization tool for any industry. Though originally intended for hospitals and longer-term care facilities, it can be used in airports, transit stations, banks, commercial offices, grocery stores, medical centers, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools, daycare centers and senior care facilities.

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When workers cannot get to a bathroom, they need a safe and sanitary alternative. Instead of every bathroom break costing time and money, you can make jobs more efficient with Brief Relief. These high-quality products provide peace of mind solutions to business owners who want to value their employees, protect their health and maintain a positive company image. The variety of available equipment allows you to provide your workers with a convenient bathroom at any worksite. 


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The trusted manufacturer for your sanitation needs.

Cleaning and sanitizing stationary equipment and spaces is just the beginning of effective business practices. As an industry-leading precision manufacturer, let MSP Manufacturing be your trusted provider of high-quality, trusted sanitation equipment. No matter your project scope or size, we can process your equipment demands to your exact specifications with the quality and care you expect.

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